Building A Positive Collaborative Culture First @morrisonsclass First off, congratulations as we end the first month of school this week. You have probably spent the past three weeks building classroom community and building relationships with all of your students. If not, it’s not too late to set the foundation for the rest of […]

Stamping Out the Culture of Despair @brooklynbabymom ‏ Once, ages ago, a new principal took over in the school where I taught in the South Bronx. It was my second year teaching, and I entered into it with high hopes. My first year had been insanely difficult, as is the norm, and I […]

NGSS 3-Dimensional Wave Riding

by Chelsea Haynes @MrsHaynesSci   As I sat among fellow teachers at a KDE Through Course Task Analysis session, Dr. Stephen Pruitt popped in to speak with us.  He gave us this courageous charge: “Teachers, it’s time to take back your classrooms!” He later mentioned that the […]