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Introducing the JCPSForward Blog Series!

Created in July 2015, JCPSForward has become a strategic, intentional teacher-led effort to identify and connect the educators in JCPS that are deeply impacting teaching and learning. In 2 years, JCPSForward has helped bring Twitter chats (#JCPSchat), the #ECET2Lou conference, and EdCampJCPS to the district in order to connect, engage and inspire educators in Louisville.

The newly created JCPSForward blog series is another step in the teacher-led movement to inspire, connect and spark conversation among our district’s educators. Over the next 6 months, there will be new posts added to the JCPSForward blog every 2-3 days by the 9 inaugural JCPSForward bloggers. They will be blogging about topics that are in the forefront of education and our district…anything from the new science standards, to teacher self-care, to cultural competency and everything in between.

The #ForwardBloggers are:

  • Rachel Klein--7th Grade ELA Teacher, Meyzeek Middle School
  • Donna Neary–ESL Teacher, Iroquois High School
  • Jazmine Anderson--9th/10th Grade ELA Teacher, Butler Traditional High School
  • Chelsea Haynes–6th Grade Science Teacher, Newburgh Middle School
  • Shannon Stone–Goal Clarity Coach, Johnsontown Road Elementary School
  • Jodi Meier–ECE Teacher, Breckinridge/Franklin Elementary School
  • Randi Skaggs–6th Grade ELA Teacher, Farnsley Middle School
  • Marcia Carmichael-Murphy–Resource Teacher, Fern Creek High School
  • Bryan Morrison–5th Grade Teacher, Watson Lane Elementary School

We hope that you’ll read, comment on, and share the JCPS Forward posts and get in on the conversation! Have a post of your own you’d like to submit? Fill out this form and someone from our team will be in touch!

Kelsey Hayes & Noah Klein

JCPSForward Blog Leads

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Multicultural Summit: Diversity, Equity, and Poverty Programs

@JCPSKY  and Diversity, Equity, and Poverty Programs will offer an array of resources that help improve outcomes for families & students. SIGN UP!  You can find the registration in PD Central.  You are also welcome to attend the Community Event.  @ccdavisjr


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EdCampJCPS2.0 – JCPS administrators, teachers and instructional assistants.

The EdCampJCPS professional learning experience will be designed by and led by JCPS educators. Anyone attending can lead a session. The “big board” of session listings will be ever evolving. Some sessions may even spring from learning earlier in the day – it’s up to the change agents in attendance.

What is an EdCamp, you ask?
EdCamps are:
– Free – Edcamps are offered at no cost to attendees which enables educators from any and all schools to participate.
– Inspirational – Educators from more than 23 countries are bringing their Edcamp learning back to their students, and changing the classroom dynamic.
– Participant-driven – Every attendee voice is not only heard, but also empowered to drive the conversation and program.
– Collaborative -Edcamps thrive on the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and creating an international network of learners that benefit from each other. Created by participants that day and sessions facilitated by anyone.
– Flexible – Reliant on the “law of two feet” that empowers everyone to find session that meet their needs
This event will be for JCPS PD Credit
Follow @EdCampJCPS on Twitter and JCPSForward on Facebook to keep up to date with the event.