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Noah Klein

A Homeless Man from Boston Taught Me A Lesson

A side note from the JCPSForward Bloggers:  Our regularly scheduled blogger is currently on an amazing vacation (we do not weep for her).  Below is an entry from the JCPSForward blog co-lead, Noah Klein. by Noah Klein @mrkleinsenglish Growing up, I was bullied.  At times it was […]

Jump In, Ride the Wave, and Embrace NGSS

by Chelsea Haynes @MrsHaynesSci The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have been on the rise and new state assessments went into pilot mode this year. Over the last three years, our district has been ‘rolling out’ lessons to align with NGSS, and also incorporate the current modules […]

My School is Racist

by Jazmine Anderson @JNAnderson122 As a black, female educator, I am no stranger to tense conversations. When I was still a pre-service educator, I heard countless discussions centered around the topic of race and every complication that follows it. Some conversations were examples of genuine human interaction […]