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Donna M. Neary

Donna is a public historian, teacher and writer. Her work strives for social justice and equity in the presentation of our cultural heritage. She was awarded an Artist's Enrichment grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women to pursue this project.

CReATE Student Agency Twitter: @DonnaMNeary a·maz·ing, adjective – causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing; startlingly impressive, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping.  Synonyms: astounding, breathtaking, remarkable, phenomenal, extraordinary, incredible. The first days of the 2017-2018 School year have been amazing. I mean truly amazing. The rolling out of the Accelerate to Graduate, or A2G, […]

CReATE Deeper Learning Opportunities @DonnaMNeary My summer – like many of yours – has been one of ongoing professional development. When asked by friends and family if I was enjoying my summer, I offer a resounding yes.  I am thoroughly enjoying having the time to take part in a variety of […]

CReATE Equity

I love the game Trivial Pursuit. I guess this makes sense since I studied History and I’m a Social Studies teacher. So, you may surmise that  I’m pretty good at it, and like to win when I play. I get all geeked-up when I know the answers to […]