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Make the Most of It

by Maria Machin

Maria Machin is a business economics teacher at Eastern High School. She also serves as a JCPSForward Building Ambassador for the school. Follow her on Twitter @MachinMarketing. 

I recently finished a project with my Business Economics 1Sophomores at Eastern High School.  They were asked the driving question, “How do you put a vacant lot to good use?”

The project contained an entry event which included a guest speaker, Greg Ellis, who was a realtor in the community.  He selected a great location that had a vacant lot for sale on Blankenbaker Parkway and Ellingsworth, 2.5 acres directly across from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.  Greg answered questions about his profession, why real estate is so interesting, how the lot is zoned, and what the zoning means. Students collected ideas for what they would propose in their oral presentations and written proposals.

2Teams of 4-5 students then got to work on the project. As they did so, the curriculum ensured they mastered the project’s three learning standards: innovation, opportunity costs, and using a decision matrix. This included reading narrative, completing activities, and taking formative quizzes within the MBA Learning Center LMS. The Learning Center comes loaded with over 300 standards-focused modules that also directly align with ASK exams. So if you need to prepare your students for testing, you can do so with a click of a button. (While some parts of the Learning Center are accessible only to High School of Business teachers and students, most of it is available at no cost to KY teachers through the state’s membership in the MBA Research consortium.) There’s a 3-minute video and a sign-up form for the Learning Center here.

In the end, they had to give team presentations of their proposals to 6 members of the 3Middletown Chamber of Commerce.  Members gave my students meaningful feedback for improving their content and presentation skills. This will help students in the future business world.  It also makes a great artifact for their JCPS Backpack of Success Skills.

“Make the Most of It!” is just one of the many great projects available when your school signs up with MBA Research’s High School of 4Business.  This curriculum allows your students to have real-world experience and gain dual credit hours with a neighboring University. Click here to find out more!


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