Classroom Curations

Making Waves in South Sudan

Leah Slucher
By Leah Slucher

Leah Slucher is the library media specialist at Schaffner Traditional Elementary School. She also serves as a JCPSForward Building Ambassador for the school. Follow her on Twitter @schaffnerlmc.

1The 5th-grade students at Schaffner Traditional Elementary recently read the book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.  They were moved by the main character, Salva, and his story.  He was their age when he was forced to flee from his home. They followed him along his horrific journey as a “lost boy,” celebrated with him during the highs in his life and empathized with him during the lows.  They were invested in him; they wanted to help in some way.

3The story made such an impact on their worldview, they decided to raise money to build a well for clean drinking water in South Sudan. This project gave them the opportunity to help the people of the region.  They used an online resource for building a business plan for kids. Students formed groups, created business plans, made or purchased their own stock, priced it, advertised and sold their items to other students. The students raised $900 which was directly donated to the foundation Salva created, Water for South Sudan.

4For their next step, the students have discussed the possibility of creating a Donors Choose project asking for donors to match their funds they raised. This project displays and encompasses Culturally and Globally Competent Citizens JCPS Backpack skill in such profound and impactful ways.  Their resourcefulness and passion are reaching many people across the world. Our Schaffner Dolphins are literally “making waves” in South Sudan!

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